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Chromesthesia' was recorded and mixed in 7 days in a warehouse D.I.Y. studio for less than $900 during January 2014 in San Francisco California. It resembles the instantaneous and intangible neurological phenomena (that reigns king over its concept) it is titled after. Comprised of four short, lush movements weaved together through strong orchestral motion, 'Chromesthesia' is a homage, in the blink of an eye, to the music The Shape perceives as holy. To accomplish this vision, we utilized our humble resources to the peak of our ability in a effort to push the musical boundaries of ourselves and the understood limits of unsigned, financially independent musicians. Chris Kerrigan, collaborator on our first full length release 'Into Trenches' joined us from Massachusetts to. yet again, contribute his genius. Kellie Flint, accomplished visual artist situated in San Francisco, generously cultivated the artwork. We are proud of the end result, appreciating our limitations within the week of conception, with full knowledge that our time constraints were simultaneously our largest strength and weakness. We truly hope that this piece resonates within you, knowing that we did our utmost to retain the transparent, earnest and incomparable qualities of the music. Bask intentionally in the fine tuned simplicity that 'Chromesthesia' has to offer, we thank you for your ears and wish you grace as these moments melt carefully by.


1. Mankind Hates the Sun

She became flustered and unsung,
I encouraged her
The cities veins, through floors, came undone
Her eyes aflame, building fumbling around her frame

You could hear the rumblings,
though you couldn't take the plunge

When you realize what you have become
Mankind hates the sun
Crumble landscapes all at once"

2. Harmony

You don't have to change a thing darling
Light around don't you hear the voice calling
Travel the world like you once were used to
Travel the world like you once were used to

The humble hands of stone giants clawing
The afterglow of a warm life embodied
Shake the chains that we once were used to
For old times sake shed the weight that keeps you

You didn't have to change a thing darling
Look around can't you see the glow has softened
You came around just like you once were used to
Never set aside the moments that may cheat you

I took bad advice just to keep the heads talking
Lived for love with no fear of the uncommon
I was alive just like we once were used to
Now I have put aside the stories in my tissue"

3. Choose

Choose the right path,
Choose the right path

Seasons change in no time,
Chase them down the rabbit hole,
Those little rascals

She is leaving home brings no things
She is happy in the wilderness with a little laughter

Laughter, laughter
Faster. faster
She is breathing in her goals
She is breathing in her goals

Laughter, laughter
No more chatter, chatter
She is breathing in her goals
She is breathing in her goals"

4. The Language of Commitment

Hear the words, or get out
Adhere to sayings, cultures embracing those in arms
Feel the grain, stretched across this land of God

So they say, he was pinned up for all love
Feel the grain, stretched across this land of God"


from Chromesthesia, released November 29, 2014
'Chromesthesia' - January 2014
Written, Produced, and Recorded by: The Shape with Chris Kerrigan
Artwork Conceived by: Kellie Flint (
Recorded in: 'The Lighthouse', in a D.I.Y. blanket studio. The space provided by Christopher Bull
Mastered at Faultline Studios
Mastering Engineer: Jorge Hernandez

Violin - Cal Keaoola
Viola - Aidan O'Flynn
Cellisten - George Chavez
Bass clarient, tenor clarinet, and flute - Sleepless J
Bassoon - Wai Kit Leung
Vibraphone and Marimba - Charlie Barreda
Trumpet - Karissa McKelvey
French Horn - Benjamin Benet

A Special Thank You to:
Lauren Melendez, Michelle Travers



all rights reserved


The Shape San Francisco, California

We are The Shape. We are writers, arrangers, friends and strangers; with remote control needs. One more preservation society. We are fundamentalists, and not men of our word.

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