Into Trenches

by The Shape

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Produced by Chris Kerrigan
Artwork by Jon Weiss
Photography by Nick Melle


released April 20, 2013

This record was brought to life by the donors of our Kickstarter and the many immensely talented individuals who helped us along the way.

The Shape would like to take this opportunity to thank;
The Early Music Ensemble from the Massachusetts Five Colleges, University of Massachusetts Women's Choir, Smith College Javanese Gamelan Orchestra, WERS Emerson College Boston, Massachusetts.

Christopher Bull, Nick Melle, Lauren Melendez, Rebecca Lipton, Sean Klaiber, Jon Davies, Morgan L to the E to the SKO, Patrick McCaughey, Mary Dowd, Joe Mac of Eames Drums, Isaac Willis of WCS Guitars, Tom Giampietro, Robert Ferrier, Gregg and Adam Buczkowski, Kelly Diamond, Kamala, Snowzies and the Stylie Crew, and of course Our Little Orange Friends.

The Shape is endlessly grateful for the loving support of our friends and family.

Not Forgetting:

The Birds of Hardwick, The Train Conductors of New England, Screaming Weasels and The Thunder Storms of Leverett
All Music Written and Performed by The Shape

Engineered by Chris Kerrigan, Jonathan Davies and The Shape
Mixed by Chris Kerrigan and The Shape
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice 



all rights reserved


The Shape San Francisco, California

We are The Shape. We are writers, arrangers, friends and strangers; with remote control needs. One more preservation society. We are fundamentalists, and not men of our word.

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Track Name: Shaker
Closer than your room
Have your mind spare no expenses
Hardly, hardly
A swarm that you cannot smoothe
No stirring, no worries
Played for me just like a scene

Murmur of your mood
Pay no mind to lost advances
Fondly, fondly
Loving vines turn into trenches
No lesson, no story
When you find time you will also find glory

No cursing, no curfew, no courage to unearth you
Track Name: Over Your Head
You're in over your head
Won't you agree?
Evidence is evidence
The proof in the pieces

You are the cleansing warmth
Yet frost impeded
Everything resonates
In the lush sun stream

The hour glass spilled and I got to thinking
You monster
Track Name: A Flock And Or Murder
When they leave us alone again
Don’t clever bets with the birds my friend
May they pick your bones instead

My Core
Furied in store for them

See you ridden in a lion’s den
I’ve been stricken by a thorn that's red
May they pick your bones instead

My Core
Furied in store for them

Seems so simple I just grabbed the whistle went pop pop

Know I’ll be waiting
Like Earth under snowfall
Gleaming my icy patterns
Track Name: Quiet Now
Quiet now,
Amused by the lion walking outside my window

Cages made
Of you and your look alike peoples
Patience breaks
While we wait

Quiet now, I blink, I let out
Patience breaks
While we wait

There are melodies in our memories
And even you can’t erase them all

Quiet now,
Amused by the lion walking outside my window
The door caves in and we meet
And pieces and pieces and pieces of me
We will meet
Track Name: Deminimal
It’s an all out costly affair
Have just the minimum you inherit
Hide if you’re trivial,
Hide if you can’t share
All types of Subliminals in your lair

I adore you when you’re afraid
Don’t let it hitch up on you despite behavior
Hide if you’re trivial
Hide if you can’t share
All types of Subliminals in your lair
Track Name: Notion
Cheers to the barrier and all those who've passed
Plighting the crown that's rhetorical
The epic fear that you have been mismatched
Meet your maker, at last

Timing is a wise win
Near tingling notions it's not a mirror

It's the notion
Track Name: Easy Over Eyelids
Lumber all thunder to play
Some trouble a supply would make
The informant whispers
You allude to problems
You have misheard the listener

Lumber a fuel of fire sticks
The conception was immaculate
Some kind of wonder your body lay
Joined by the force that keeps lightning at pace

Prolific misting
Always ruby kind of eyes
Semblant states
Of Easy over eyelids
Track Name: Happy Travels
Who has time to take?
No, More, No, More
Who has time to take?
Trying to stay awake
No, More, No, More

Who will have what isn’t adored

While you were waiting

All awake, all around me

We’re all safe in the end
Happy Travels